Squirtle Squad

main creators

These squirtles are responsible for creating the Event Cost Breakdowns sheets!


Role(s): Main Creator
Interests: spreadsheets, translating, math, MXTX novels, music
About: ISTJ, 3w2, Ravenclaw. I like playing other Love Nikki servers and reading Shining Nikki lore.


Role(s): Main Creator
Interests: science and coding, animals, pets and dog training, nature, art, vocaloid
About: I'm a physics student and I like tackling interesting problems. In love nikki I love using the moveble ornaments to create new scenes and even objects. Ruin island inhabitant. Still waiting for a cow movable.


Role(s): Main Creator
Interests: Love Nikki
About: "do i have to write 2 sentences abt myself? i hate doing stufflike this"


Role(s): Main Creator
Interests: true crime, cats, world domination
About: I'm a shrimp tempura.


They moderate the Discord server and keep things running smoothly!

Astro 🌟

Role(s): Cultivator, Helper
Interests: Space, Animal Crossing, Knitting, Daisy (my cat)
About: INFJ, 2w1, Hufflepuff, she/they. I like overanalyzing characters, crying about sad ships, analyzing that sweet DATA, and styling hard to style items


Role(s): Cultivator, Carrd Manager
Interests: pink, molang, mdzs, naps, hot ceos
About: esfj, 2w3, slytherin, she/her. i like pretty cloud suits and lore.


Role(s): Cultivator
Interests: Straw Hat Association, Sogeking, sleeping, eating, my friend's and family's health and happiness
About: to take a nap, she/her, I like Cloud suits the most


Helpers test and tune the sheets!


Role(s): Helper
Interests: Cats, webtoons, origami, Chinese music, rhythm & gacha games
About: INFJ, 6w5, she/her, I enjoy all things cute and floof and love discovering new interests.


Role(s): Helper
Interests: sheets (obvs), black, all the gothic suits
About: she/her, just generally nervous. LN ID: 100779059


These social squirtles run our social media pages!


Role(s): Socialite (FB)
Interests: science, Nintendo, rain, Tonton Friends, EGL fashion
About: INFJ, she/her, Facebook user of 10 years. I love Lilith suits and gathering LN data!

🌙 xuan

Role(s): Socialite (IG)
Interests: yuzuru hanyu, cardcaptor sakura, english literature, the moon
About: she/her, collector of blue LN things. graphic design villainess reincarnation manhwa is my passion

special ops

An assortment of roles, from graphics to spotted in Miraland posts.


Role(s): Modmail Operator
Interests: tax and accounting, Twice
About: she/her, sleep enthusiast


Role(s): Spotted in Miraland
Interests: Kpop, binge-watching, procrastinating
About: she/her. I love hoarding diamonds and my favourite nation is Cloud

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